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An Eid of Ease

I am so grateful to God for making this the best Ramadan ever. Thank you to all of you for making my virtual charity puppet show such a great success. We had over a 100+ families join us on and raised $1,200+ for Rabata!

This was just one of the many blessings that we saw this month. I have never spent this much time with my family. The focus this month was worship, togetherness, gratefulness, and just taking things slow. We soaked in the beauty of time, enjoyed each other's company, and got to know ourselves in the process. We had individual goals as well as collective goals. From start to finish (almost), it's been about support, encouragement, positivity, charity and serving one another. The mosques may be closed, but we made our home a constant place of remembrance.

We're going into Eid with this same focus: to see the blessings and ease in everything, even when it seems like we are being tested. God tells us in the Holy Qur'ān chapter 94 verses 5-6 that 'undoubtedly with hardship there is ease' (Surah Inshirah). I want us to see the emphasis on the word 'with.' Yes, there is hardship, but with it we are given some type of ease. We are given 2 eases with each hardship it says in those verses. Which eases did you find this month? And hardship doesn't necessarily have to mean a trial. What if we're being told that we have to work hard to obtain ease?

On March 11th, I found myself with a packed suitcase and no where to go. All my book tours had been cancelled abruptly due to the Corona virus scare. I now have boxes of books with no where to sell them. This seems like a huge test, but I finally got to be home and take a breather. It's been a non-stop hustle for the last 4 years, which I am so grateful for of course. However, I needed this break. In the busyness of the mundane everyday, I was missing my children's growth and presence. Between the auto-pilot of drop-offs and pick-ups, we were living separate lives and not cherishing each other.

So, I welcome this Eid of Ease with open arms, and I want to share the blessings with you all as well. Please help support my #smallbusiness and my work as a #muslimauthor. If you're looking for a last minute Eid gift for the blessed littles in your life, please order a digital copy of The Blessed Bananas activity pack full of fun activities and decor to make the most of this blessed time at home together with family. You can also order a signed copy of the hardcover of my multiple award-winning book The Blessed Bananas as well HERE. I greatly appreciate each of you for being part of this journey with me. May God protect each of us in this life and the next. Ameen.

Eid Mubarak and stay blessed,


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