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Earlier this week, middle school students partook in a creative writing workshop by published Author Tayyaba Syed thanks to a grant by the Village of Skokie Fine Arts Commission. Seventh and eighth grade students learned more about creative writing by professional writer Mrs. Syed. They were encouraged to pursue fiction writing as a way of telling their own narrative as a Muslim-Americans. The author shared how her published fiction has helped to fill a void in the creative world of Muslim expression in the arts. Students really connected to this concept, the idea of telling their own story, sharing with others what Muslim-Americans are really all about.

Students brought writing and coloring materials, and their own creative thoughts and ideas to the workshop. They drew themselves as imaginary characters in their own fictional stories and worked on sentence structure and writing prompts. Students even learned some of the first steps in going about publishing their own work in the future. This prospect was exciting to many students.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs. Syed for her creative and fun workshop and to the Skokie Fine Arts Commission for their support of artistic expression in our school.

Anse Tamara Gray

Founder of Rabata, Scholar, Educator & Author

A sweet story that teaches children and their parents about the blessings of generosity and how giving is truly receiving. 

Muslim children will love seeing their culture represented through these characters, and author Tayyaba Syed reminds us all that kindness and generosity are qualities of a believer.

Umm Juwayriyah

Educator & Author of Hind's Hands and the Size of a Mustard Seed

The Blessed Bananas is a colorful and lively book that draws in its readers, young and old, from its very first page.


The moral of the story is based on an old adage infused with an Islamic twist that is sure to remind and soften the hearts of the believers. 

Saima Ahmed

Early Childhood Teacher

Tayyaba Syed has written a masterpiece for young Muslim children. With its lovable characters, powerful lesson and beautiful, whimsical illustrations, The Blessed Bananas is sure to become an instant classic and family favorite. 

Umbreen Murtaza

February 22,, 2016

Tayyaba's warm personality immediately put my daughter at ease. I wa truly amazed when I read the story she composed during the workshop. The structured approach guided her to incorporate events from her own life and turn them into a great story. 

Aila Murtaza

January 2, 2016

I really liked how Ms. Tayyaba helped me come up with ideas for my own story. 

My favorite part of the workshop was when I got to read my story because I could share what I wrote with the group. 

I liked to hear about how Ms. Tayyaba writes about Muslim girls like me. 

Maryam Q.

March 9, 2018

Thank you for doing this for our kids in this day and age, so they can feel happy about having books that they can relate to and feel special about. 

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